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Whee! All right. There's no way to bring in player characters that I'm really happy with, so as it stands now I don't plan to introduce them. That said, "pickup from daycare" scenes could run into total hilarity, even if you substitute NPC parents/captains...dunno if any writeups will come of it, but it's a promising idea.

On THURSDAYS, FCD is staffed by T7-01 and LORD SCOURGE.

BABY ASHARA: Kira, would you like to sign the charter for my new mystical Force order?
BABY KIRA: What order is that?
BABY ASHARA: The “We’re awesomer than the Jedi but nicer than the Sith” order. It’s gonna be way better than those other ones.
BABY KIRA: But I like being a Jedi. We’re nice and we help people and we’re always right.
BABY ASHARA: My club will always be right, too. It’s just that we’ll also bust some heads when we have to. Jedi don’t do that.
BABY KIRA: Well…you do have a point there.
BABY KIRA: No. I’ve worked too hard to be the best Jedi in daycare. I can’t join you.
BABY GUSS: Are you guys talking about Jedi stuff? Can I be a Jedi?
BABY XALEK and LORD SCOURGE exchange looks. There seems to be a brief consideration of taking this opportunity to corrupt a Force sensitive to the Dark Side. After a split second they both shake their heads decisively.
BABY ASHARA: Jaesa, you want to sign the charter for my new mystical Force order? It is neither Jedi nor Sith.
BABY JAESA’S eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets.
BABY JAESA: There’s a third option?
BABY ASHARA: Yup! It’s the best!
BABY JAESA’s straining eyes glaze over. Her mouth hangs open slightly.
BABY KIRA: Now you’ve gone and done it, Ashara. You broke Jaesa.
BABY ASHARA: Jeez. I thought my plan was obviously superior to her regular options.
BABY KIRA: You think everything you do is obviously superior.
BABY ASHARA: I don’t see the problem here.
BABY KIRA makes a face.
BABY ASHARA: Fine, then. Lord Scourge, will you sign the charter for my new mystical Force order?
LORD SCOURGE: No. But I can get you a really shiny Sith toybox if you agree to be my Sith apprentice.
BABY ASHARA: You can’t trick me into following a Sith that easily.
T7-01: Ashara = seeking to disrupt the major powers of the galaxy again?
BABY ASHARA: Seeking to make one. It’s gonna be the best. Would you like to sign up to the Disappointingly Mundane People’s Auxiliary?
T7-01 issues several unpronounceable beeps.
BABY ASHARA: Well, be that way, then.
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