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07.23.2012 , 04:36 PM | #6
Are there any plans on making Purple, Cyan, White crystals craftable by Artifice?

Jason: We donít currently have any plans to make those colors craft-able. This might change in the future, but even if we introduce crafting schematics for them we intend for those lightsaber colors (especially White) to remain relatively rare.
Really? You want purple to be rare so that only some people can have it, yet more than half of the mobs/NPCs I see while leveling on the empire side have purple color crystals? Come on, I run into sith marauder NPCs half my level that run around with 2 purple crystals! For a game that so highly touts character customization, why all of the arbitrary restrictions on color crystals? If people want white and purple, let them have it! And let artifice craft them for crying out loud. These ridiculous restrictions don't make any sense.