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White crystals were BoP and 2.5 million credits pre-1.2, and should they become craftable I'd prefer if they remained BoP and had a material/time/difficulty cost associated with creating them that reflected their previous sale price. Purple crystals are easy to come by, just run HM EV and grab any columi weapon token from Gharj or Soa.

I'm looking forward to the change to upcoming item sets' stat allocation. Maybe I'll finally be able to min/max without holding onto my rakata shells finally. You can only take so much of looking like a cybernetic ladybug.

I'm also liking their stance on PvE relics. It gives players more options to choose from fight-to-fight. For instance as dps I use an activated relic for Toth & Zorn, the minefield, and Kephess while I use 2 passive relics for Stormcaller & Firebrand.

Not liking the idea of constant class tweaks. It's bad enough learning a new rotation every couple of months when a new content patch comes out, having to adjust rotations to 'tweaks' every week or two is going to overcomplicate things. And with Bioware's track record of breaking something for every 'fix' they make, the servers will be offline for maintenance constantly.

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the only classes that would want to use on use relics are tanks and healers, unless you are dpsing in phases like soa phase 3 or kephess walker/bombadeer.
During Toth and Zorn an activated relic during Toth's berserk phase is higher dps than 2 passives as a ranged dps because you can stand still through the duration while during Zorn's phase you're moving quite a bit anyway.
The minefield you may or may not want the additional burst from an activated relic for the first/third droids and then the boss as suits your preference. Personally for that fight I use a relic on the first, then adrenal on the second, then the relic again on the third or fourth, then both on the boss and come out slightly ahead of 2 passive relics.