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Quote: Originally Posted by lexiekaboom View Post
Do any of the people QQing know what HACKING is?

Hint: it's not typing fast and making helicopters blow up, and it doesn't involve a 3D holo-graphic interface

You are confused. I can't say this enough. ALMOST. NO. ONE. IS. HACKING. PVP and the classes in general are just so broken you are seeing hacks where there are none. For example;

A powertech / Vanguard can be immune to root / snare / knockback with a little help for a complete war zone.
With the right combinations of buffs you can run at 300% speed for up to 9 seconds.
All knights and warriors can instantly fill their resolve bar without getting stunned.
A sentinel or marauder can exploit resolve and one ability to be immune to stun for 15+ seconds.
By leaping to a target and being pulled at the same time you can make yourself untargetable for long periods of time, or warp around the map
You can use the map to become immune to AOE damage in a number of ways
You can use the map to become untargetable in a number of ways
You can use any knock down ability in a way that makes it impossible to get up before the animation starts, effectively increasing the duration by 3-4 seconds.
Various other "animation lock" abilities can be used to increase the length of stuns to the point where you will have no resolve by the time they are finished, leading to chain stuns where it shouldn't be possible

These are exploits and NOT HACKING. And even then, 99% of all the QQ isn't even exploits and comes from a simple fact you NEED to understand before PVPing in SW:TOR

ALMOST EVERY CLASS HAS AT LEAST ONE ABILITY THAT IS BROKEN AND CRAZY OP IS USED CORRECTLY. On top of that, classes like Sent / Vaungard / and sumgs have the ability to do things that are so stupidly over powered (like stand there not taking damage for crazy amounts of time or killing you almost instantly) that people ASSUME THEY ARE HACKS when they are, in fact, just results of the way Bioware has designed the PVP game.

Last night playing voidstar a sage on my team tried to get everyone to report an operatives for hacking because he dropped out of stealth and killed him in 3 hits while he was stunned. THAT'S NOT A HACK, it's what operatives do. I've seen shadows reported for hacking in huttball because they ran the ball from start to finish using a SPEED HACK (force sprint) and a RESOLVE HACK which made them immune to stuns and root (resilience). Learn how broken the game is before crying hack.
I agree with you that people crying 'hack' are usually just ignorant about certain player abilities such as a sent's group speed buff which is extra fast for combat specced sents.

However some of the 'broken' abilities you mention simply don't exist. I'm not saying they are hacks, i'm saying you're making **** up. Explain to me how knights/warriors instantly fill their own resolve bar up without getting stunned? Perhaps you mean Guardians/Juggernauts can become immune to cc for a short period of time with 'Unremitting/Unstoppable' talented. This is NOT the same as filling up your own resolve bar, please don't spread misinformation.

Also, please tell me how a mara/sent can become immune to stun for 15+ seconds. This is just categorically untrue.

And about your 'map' exploits, perhaps you're just referring to the commonly used tactic of LOS? lol, that **** isn't new, and its not an exploit.

The 'knockdown' bug was exclusive to scoundrels and it involved using their hidden strike (imperial name) ability twice in the space of 2 globals by popping back into stealth immediately, so it seemed like you were knocked down for an eternity, it has been fixed for months now. There is NO knockdown ability that lasts for 4 seconds, nor is it possible to do it 'in such a way' as to extend the duration of the effect.

If you want people to take you seriously, mention the names of these so-called broken abilities and how they are used to exploit the game. I personally think you don't have a clue what you're talking about and that you haven't pvped all that much. I have spent a lot of time in this game pvping from when it came out, and not once have i seen any of these exploits you have mentioned.

Oh yeah, about the crazy amounts of time that a mara/sent can be invulnerable and how ptechs/vanguards can kill you 'almost instantly'. I'm not gonna dispute what is ridiculous hyperbole (almost instantly? if you were naked maybe), but its pretty obvious that those are not hacks and are just class abilities, overpowered though they may be. Nobody assumes they are hacks like you say, don't throw random **** in your argument just to prove your worthless point.

If you think the game is so damn broken, just quit. I can't understand why this game has so many mindless haters.