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07.23.2012 , 12:02 PM | #122
I've updated the guide to reflect that droid components are once more selling at a decent rate. I've sold close to a dozen max level Redoubt pieces this week for 75k+ credits (over 100k for augment crit versions).

This is probably due to several factors.

- Players are getting their gear in advance for HK-51.

- Since they are relatively expensive items with a poor track record for selling, not a lot of crafters have dedicated themselves to learning the necessary schematics.

- The crafters who tend to toss earpieces and space ship components up on the GTN for less than the cost of the materials used to craft them aren't typically the ones who are willing to dedicate the time and resources required to research the good droid schematics. This is especially true since very few classes personally benefit from tank focused droid components, but everyone has an earpiece that they may choose to create for their own use, or for their companions.

*Incidentally, I'll likely start learning the remainder of my droid dps (overkill and critical) components, since we do not know what role(s) HK-51 will be filling.