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Except for the fact that there's no recourse to prevent this. Picture this situation - you get past the 2nd doors in 2 minutes, are are onto the 3rd, but 2 sorc/sages use /stuck on the defending team so they respawn beyond the barrier at the 3rd spawn location. Those 2 players can now prevent you from ever progessing to the 3rd door area for the next 5min 30sec of the match without you having any way to interupt them, CC them, attack them or stop their actions.

That's an exploit. Argue against it if you'd like, but what i just presented is reality - it creates a situation that cannot be countered by the attacking team, and will stop the attack dead in it's tracks 100% of the time.

Hmm wonder if you're the shadow that was using deathfield (w/e the pub equivalent is) there...
My shadow is kinetic and level 47. Do you play on The Bastion? I'd be careful about paranoia.

It's an unfair tactic and should be fixed (like jumping over the gap in VS, which was fixed), but they are just using what's available to them. Exploits are more serious than that, like planting from inside the wall or abusing the old Voidstar ramp. Where something is clearly going wrong. Placing an AoE doesn't qualify on that level.

Edit: Nice try editing out your accusation.
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