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Thing about GW2 is there's no ability bloat- every ability you have has a purpose, and the way you use them is absolutely the difference between a good and bad player.

In this game- I meet a sorc healer and I know to interrupt dark infusion, I meet a jug and he has a very specific set up for smash, I know when I play a marauder that 99% of the time my goal is to get in the targets face and just spam damage. SWTOR is most known for things like 'those lightning spammers' or 'TM spam' because for the most part classes are that straight forward, and the most smarts is in knowing when to use your CC and what to use it against.

GW2 is reactionary, there's already for every class half a dozen or more builds that are very different, and have top pvpers from other games claiming is the best build- and if you watch their vids they really make you believe it.

And best of all- if your class or spec gets nerfed or doesn't feel great, you can have a brand new, max level character or spec of any class within minutes and have the same gear as the best players who've played for hundreds of hours.

Imagine how many subs TOR would have kept after 1.2 if when they nerfed sorcs and mercs through the ground, those players could just pick a different class and compete? Instead, those players either rerolled and dealt with another long grind... or simply left the game entirely.
I thought GW2 just have less abilities to begin with, though that's a pretty good philsophy because when you've a ton of abilities you either have a lot of useless ones or a lot of situational ones and people don't like to keep track of when to use an ability that does mega damage when the sun is to the west of you and the Force is in balance.

At any rate you're delusional if you think one game is somehow going to be more balanced than another. Balance is just a very hard problem though having good design makes things a bit easier. Generally speaking high damage + high number of abilities work exactly against balance.