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Mention that this game has faults and the fanbois come out in force. Say this game has too much CC and terrible class balance and people get angry- they don't deny it, because even the most blind of fanbois knows full well it's true- but they get angry you said it.

GW2 isn't going to take most of SWTOR's subs away- SWTOR already did that with 1.2- before that patch most servers were getting non stop pvp queues, I know my server I could pvp even at 4am and have maybe a fifteen minute queue tops. Before mergers- at prime time you'd have 15 minute pops, otherwise you'd be waiting hours- Fleet went from having one full and another at about 100 for six hours every evening, to never breaking 100 at any time of the day.

It took merging several servers together to get back to what my server had by itself before the patch- most servers aren't getting rated queue pops even with the huge merges.

SWTOR did that without the help of any other game- they failed to capitalize on the disappointment of Diablo 3, they failed to capitalize on the success of pvp at launch which they admitted surprised them greatly and instead they turned around and made it almost universally hated and the joke of mmo pvp.

Obviously GW2 is going to take many pvpers away- anyone who wants a skill based game, anyone playing a nerfed class, all casuals who don't want to do the half year grind for WH gear and anyone who realizes this game is only going downhill from pvp- but frankly, any game could do that to SWTOR because BW didn't do anything smart with the unexpected success of the game. GW2 doesn't have to be good- it just has to not be bad and it'll be leaps and bounds above SWTOR.

The only people who'll stay in TOR are those with an OP class, and those who have the time to grind out WH sets and who prefer a game where they have a substantial gear advantage over one where they have the exact same level of gear- which is still a market.

Nobody who wants to have casual fun or real competition is staying in TOR though, because TOR doesn't do a single thing for either of those groups.