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Having a skill based game, where the outcome of battle is based on your reflexes and abilities as player instead of arbitrary stats on your clothes..doesn't mean there isn't any levels or progression. The skills trees and ability customization is miles ahead of swtor in terms of depths.

Anyone saying GW2 will kill SWTOR is kidding themselves. But anyone thinking PvPers are going to stick around TOR for rated warzones are just as delusional. People playing MMOs for competitive pvp will be playing GW2. No one will be playing TOR for the PvP once GW2 is released.
Pretty much this. I've been on three servers and all of the top pvpers are looking towards GW2. Most of them have unsubbed already due to 1.2/1.3 and the unbalanced gameplay of swtor. Some still play because it's "something to do" but in the end, swtor's pvp community is pretty much dead and without a major overhaul of the classes, skills and pvp focus - will never rise again.
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