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Order 66 was a genetic control chip pretty much. It was a deeply embedded part of each clones mind that was completely unknown to them. Upon saying "Order 66" the clone's genetic coding fired off and they carried out the instructions. They had no way of resisting as it was actually apart of who they were. Think of it like hypnosis that is apart of the persons very being. When you hypnotise someone you use a trigger word that makes them start to act a certain way, they can't resist, and they have no idea it happened. Its the same with the clones. Order 66 is the trigger word, and the clones act, as its part of their very genetic makeup, they have no choice. The jedi wouldn't have sensed it because each clone had no idea it existed, all that was needed is the trigger word. Jedi can only sense intentions, thing others are planning on doing or thinking about.

So as you can now see, the jedi had no chance of uncovering the plot, and the clones had no way of resisting.