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The way our companions are set up, you have some that trend light side and some that trend dark side. Either way, you're going to have companions that are on the opposite side from your toon. How does your character deal with them?

My bounty hunter is mostly light side. She hates and despises Skadge and will be jettisoning his lardy behind A.S.A.P. Gault and her get along because
and he's funny. She's pretty into money so they see eye to eye there.

My trooper gets along with Vik cause they both like to blow things up, and because he actually will follow orders when it comes down to it. Plus he gets stuff done, not the best way all the time, but it gets done. 4X is a bit on the gray side, but she keeps a leash on the worst of his "kill all Imps" attitude.

My jk doesn't really get along with Rusk. She tolerates him and lets him stand in her ship where he can't get anyone killed. I guess him and Doc are both more on the gray side really. Doc...she can work with but
And the real reason I made this thread :P ...Scourge. Even though my jk is hugely light (even without diplomacy keeping her all shiny and pure) she gets along with Scourge because there's mutual respect there. He makes her think and question stuff, challenges her and tests her, and in an odd way, makes her a better person for it.

So how do your toons deal with their opposites?
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