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Yes, I could go and make an alt or 3 or 4 or 5 - that's what the legacy system has been put in place for, to give people who like to see different storylines and play multiple classes a reward and an incentive. However, that's not my play-style, in every game i've played - i've never liked alts and never will - I like to stick to one character and it's as simple as that. I do however entirely understand players who like these aspects of the game. But please for one minute, before you shoot down the raiders of the game, put the shoe on the other foot....
Sadly there really arent any real rewards for players who take the time to level and gear 3+ alts. There are little perks that you can BUY with crazy amounts of credits. thats about it. You dont get anything for reaching legacy level 50 right now. Hell I dont even think theres anything for legacy level 30 right now. I really dont get why it takes them so long to release those little perks. Im not a dev and I dont know how hard the coding is so I cant really comment on that. However they really need to add things that you get for free upon reaching a certain legacy level. Might give players an incentive to roll alts or grind more dailies on a main (cringe)

It's quite simple - this is the challenge that any MMO faces, you have to be able to provide content to satisfy all of your players to retain players. I'm not saying we don't need the legacy system or an incentive for people to level alts or do non-raid content - I am all for that, if we didn't have content for those players then we lose those players and that's bad for the community. It's all about ensuring there is a balance - the game is an MMORPG and lets not forget what this stand for - 'massively multiplayer online role-playing game'. If it's just played for the story line and re-levelling alts. The game simpley becomes an online-RPG. If it only has raid content and no real quest line or story line, all you have is a MMO game.
Many other games have a pretty solid balance between casual content and raiding content. I dont understand why BW cant look at those games and try to learn something from them. Not saying that they should go and start copying them or anything. however this game just isnt even remotely close to being up to par on ANY content right now. PvP is mediocre at best. Very static flashpoint designs that are riddled with bugs. Raid progression is just too short to keep anyone interested for longer than a few months. Again we come back to the issue of them not pushing out content nearly fast enough. I mean we've seen a couple good updates but nothing huge. the majority of those updates were just massively over-hyped legacy upgrades that most people cant even afford

There's no need for the non-raiders to tell the raiders to go try some alts (many of the raiders have any way), equally there's no need for the raiders to tell the people who love the levelling content to go play some raids and see how difficult the game is. Both are 2 of the main styles of play in every MMO and both have equal justification. The fact is the developers MUST provide for both audiences and that's why i'm here fighting my corner for what I enjoy and saying we need more raid content and more difficult raid content. Please feel free to add your oppinions in terms of what we need to satisfy the non-raider because this is key to the games development, but there's no need to say the raiders are doing something wrong because they''ve cleared the content and want more.
I agree 100%

I love raiding and I have 5 level 50s now. I just feel like they could be doing more.

Onto my second and final discussion of this post - many have said 'I think the game needs more than new raid content, side-quests e.t.c.'. I fully agree with this - as a raid player - I can't remember the last time I left the fleet, because I really have no incentive to do so. Other than collecting datacrons and dailies - I have no reason to leave (lets remember aswell that dailies and datacrons really don't take that long to get in reality). So after this is done, what do we do?
the last thing this game needs right now is more dailies >.< Im really open to anything else at this point lol. The event team needs to stop slacking off and make something happen. SOON.

Raiders, non-raiders, roleplayers we need to put pressure on Bioware as a collective to release new content for all of us, it may not make a difference but at least we tried. Shooting each others interests down helps noone and the reality is that without all the different play-styles on the game - the game has nothing and becomes boring.
Seriously the flaming needs to stop. Im sure the devs dont want to dig through 10 pages of "MY WAY IS BETTER THAN YOURS" to find a decent suggestion.