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Forgive my use of the word childish if it offrends. Childish is a good discriptive adjective for a person who doesnt or cant consider all facts or relevant opinions and respond or not respond accordingly. Its not ment offensively. I would guess im childish in not being able to see how this would effect your enjoyment of the game to the point where you would not play anylonger because of the above stated reasoning.

You are argueing semantics of words. There's no reason to give merit to these coments.

I appear to be looking at the game from the average MMORPG player's expectations of a game. Since this is an MMORPG, and not a PC - NPC RPG, i would think my logic follows the line of the majority of players. I could be wrong, but probably not.

I, personally, wish they had left "romance" out of the game all together, this is a very personal opinion. Its prolly not shared by alot of people.

Ty for atleast trying to explain why you would offer an ultimatium to bioware for content that really has little visual, audio, or social interaction value.

All the off topic stuff out of the way....

I want to ask, if Heterosexual/homosexual content is availible. I would like to ask for a way to "transgender" my characters. It isnt fair that i cant dress my male character up in the female characters clothes and flirt with my male companions. I tried to use the slave girl social gear on my male character, however, my torso just went invisible. Hopefully this, and other issues will be fixed in the near future. Not being able to wear the slavegirl outfit on my body type 4 male character wont keep me from enjoying all the great fun this game has to offer!