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If it makes anybody feel better...

Same-Sex Marriage and relationships are accepted in Mandalorian Culture during this time in the Galaxy. So even the Mandalorians, a nomadic, war driven, culture accepts it. And most of the Galaxy accepts it too.

The Lore is there, so there's no reason to not install it.

Play games the way you want to. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 had an entire level of content devoted to playing as a terrorist and just mowing down innocent people. It's pretty sick and twisted, but you had a choice to play it or not. Same thing with Same-Sex relationships in SWTOR, you have a choice to play that content if it's offensive to you or not.

And just so you know, that little amount of content (Which took resources and weeks of development to create.) didn't affect game sales at all. Remotely.

P.S: Off-Topic but why does nobody use Polls anymore....
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