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I just want some clarification on this post: You will be canceling your subscription because you cant: choose answer 2, make the screen go black while your characters exit stage right, then reenter and make useless dialogue that doesnt effect you or anyone else in the game as far as gameplay or advancement?
You appear to be looking at the game from a primarily stat/advancement/levelling viewpoint (which is fine for your game but may not work for others). What is 'useless' for you might be highly entertaining for someone else.

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Please, correct me if im wrong. I just feel like this is childish logic and you arent allowing yourself to enjoy the game for what it is. Again, i appologize if im reading into this or not picking up on something.
'Childish' is an extremely subjective and loaded word almost certain to draw antagonism; I would respectfully suggest you think about using the word 'incomplete' or 'limited' next time (if they are, indeed, what you mean by 'childish').

'For what it is' is also subjective. What the game is can be accurately said to be many things - including fully-voiced PC-NPC interaction with romantic arcs. If you're concentrating on a different part of 'what it is' then that's great for you, but others may have different perspectives.

That difference doesn't make it 'childish'. It doesn't mean the person isn't 'allowing' themselves anything in particular. It simply means the lack of something they find enjoyable has outweighed the other aspects the player does find enjoyable.

I can't claim to speak for MusedMoose or anyone else but the story aspects of PC-NPC interaction go well beyond a fade-to-black. There's interactive banter, the process of warming to a companion character, the inevitable 'head-canon' process that goes on with any gamer paying attention to any aspect of the story - and, of course, the simple right to approach the game on an equal footing to a heterosexual player. It's very easy for a person to say 'This thing isn't important and is a silly thing to be disgruntled by' when they have it and someone else doesn't.

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I think we should be watching the Q&A more closely, i feel answer's comeing in the near future with the amount of discourse going on here.
Discourse has been going on here with no reflection in the Q&A for months now. And I'm certain it will continue for months more.
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