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Well said, thank you. *golfclap* I wish more people would recognize this sort of thing, instead of getting all doom'n'gloom about features just because we haven't heard about them for a while.

As for whether I'll continue to pay while SGRs aren't in, I'm still holding to BioWare's statement that they're coming this year. If January hits and we still don't have SGRs, I plan to cancel my subscription, because I don't want to keep paying for a game if I can't play more than half of my characters the way I want to. But that will be then, this is now, and a lot can happen between now and then.

And the answer to "when will then be now?" is, of course, "soon."

Also: please remember, everyone - flag the trolls, don't fight. Let's not give our friendly neighborhood mods more work.
I just want some clarification on this post: You will be canceling your subscription because you cant: choose answer 2, make the screen go black while your characters exit stage right, then reenter and make useless dialogue that doesnt effect you or anyone else in the game as far as gameplay or advancement?

Please, correct me if im wrong. I just feel like this is childish logic and you arent allowing yourself to enjoy the game for what it is. Again, i appologize if im reading into this or not picking up on something.

I think we should be watching the Q&A more closely, i feel answer's comeing in the near future with the amount of discourse going on here.