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Definitely get a tank to guard you, and hope/pray the opposing team doesn't mark you...or if they do, that they don't pay attention to it.

I've had matches where I know I end up being marked as a healer and I spend most of the match behind the forcewall waiting to rejoin the match to be insta-killed again. But I keep coming back for more...I love it.
sums up my last experience of void star lol I did wonder if I just suck or if that happens at times. I am a Republic commando so I specialise in single heals rather than aoe healing. I am virtually fully speced in the healing tree so very much a full blood healer. PVP would obviously be more simple on my healer but I have found healing to be a much more enjoyable and rewarding play style than dps so I am determined to stick with it.

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First off, THANKYOU for providing something other then QQ in pvp forums. Now as to your voidstar problems, This should be your highest healing map and easiest to play. The key is to Hug the pillars close to your defensive respawn when defending and the outside ones when attacking. When you notice a ranged class beating on you you can easily line of sight them with either the pillar or the stacks of crates next to it. If you're on The Bastion and Republic I would gladly play some warzones with you on my healer Raideyoh to show you all of the best spots to heal from on each map and provide some addition tips based on any other difficulties you may have.
This was great advice thank you and also thanks for your very kind offer, unfortunately I am on the nightmare lands server.

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PVE has a pretty small learning curve versus PVP... And it's not humiliating to lose to a npc mob, the way it is to have some other player target/taunt you. Just keep playing and learning, we've all been there.

I can't say enough about the importance of your class board either. There are so many key things to learn, all of which are class (and almost always tree) specific. Go and ask lots of questions.

Yes I have certainly noticed the learning curve I have managed to go from finishing near bottom of leaderboards to the middle, that is progress I suppose. On that note this leads me to another noob question, is healing an effective way to progress through warzones in terms of ranking commendations etc? As I have noticed that getting kills seems to be a simple and effective way to collect the medals and points.

Thanks again for your help guys.