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Hey guys

So I am currently playing my first ever healer (in TOR or any other MMO for that matter) I enjoy it and I think I am actually getting quite decent at it. However I have recently started PVP for the first time and I was hoping some more experienced players could provide some advice. I have proven reasonablly effective in Hutt Ball and I enjoy the command point style maps but void star utterly perplexes me. I just cant stay alive long enough to do much in such a condensed environment, in my experience this mode just seems a death-trap if you are focusing on heals.

I realise these are solo based games and I cant rely on other players to look out for me so I was wondering if anyone could shead some light on how best to approach this round is it just a hard map for a healer or am I simply not using the correct approach (if such a thing exists for healing in pvp) ? Is there a way to approach PVP that can make you less of an easy target?

Thanks for your help and I am sorry for what is no doubt a generic and annoying thread.