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12.19.2011 , 08:24 AM | #21
Yeah me and my pals ran it yesterday and holy balls we all agreed never to run it again. Joke exp compared to other ones since there were very few elites, and at the same time ONLY the elites ever gave drops so it was crap for credits and equipment drops few and far between as well.

And not to mention for me at least I got the bug where the daily for completing either it or hammer station didn't check off after I finished either.

As a sniper it would've been a complete waste of time if the last boss hadn't dropped both new pants and a cool looking rifle for me (both orange). Didn't get jack till then.

Really hope they jazz this flashpoint up in the future to make it worth replaying, now its even a debate if I want to help my other guildies run it cause it just sucks so much.