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I knew this would split opinion and I think I covered that I understand both points of view in my original post. So taking everything so far into consideration said so far.....

Yes, I could go and make an alt or 3 or 4 or 5 - that's what the legacy system has been put in place for, to give people who like to see different storylines and play multiple classes a reward and an incentive. However, that's not my play-style, in every game i've played - i've never liked alts and never will - I like to stick to one character and it's as simple as that. I do however entirely understand players who like these aspects of the game. But please for one minute, before you shoot down the raiders of the game, put the shoe on the other foot....

Imagine if the game didn't have multiple storylines and just 1 quest line per faction and imagine the leveling process was shortened down 50%. Suddenly the game isn't so appealing for that style of player.

It's quite simple - this is the challenge that any MMO faces, you have to be able to provide content to satisfy all of your players to retain players. I'm not saying we don't need the legacy system or an incentive for people to level alts or do non-raid content - I am all for that, if we didn't have content for those players then we lose those players and that's bad for the community. It's all about ensuring there is a balance - the game is an MMORPG and lets not forget what this stand for - 'massively multiplayer online role-playing game'. If it's just played for the story line and re-levelling alts. The game simpley becomes an online-RPG. If it only has raid content and no real quest line or story line, all you have is a MMO game.

There's no need for the non-raiders to tell the raiders to go try some alts (many of the raiders have any way), equally there's no need for the raiders to tell the people who love the levelling content to go play some raids and see how difficult the game is. Both are 2 of the main styles of play in every MMO and both have equal justification. The fact is the developers MUST provide for both audiences and that's why i'm here fighting my corner for what I enjoy and saying we need more raid content and more difficult raid content. Please feel free to add your oppinions in terms of what we need to satisfy the non-raider because this is key to the games development, but there's no need to say the raiders are doing something wrong because they''ve cleared the content and want more.

Onto my second and final discussion of this post - many have said 'I think the game needs more than new raid content, side-quests e.t.c.'. I fully agree with this - as a raid player - I can't remember the last time I left the fleet, because I really have no incentive to do so. Other than collecting datacrons and dailies - I have no reason to leave (lets remember aswell that dailies and datacrons really don't take that long to get in reality). So after this is done, what do we do?

BW sort of created flaws in the tradeskilling system. By giving us tradeskills that can be done by just sending your crew off on missions and you can get materials that are GTN sellable from this, once again we're giving no incentive to get out off of the fleet. I have to say I hugely praised the system at first because I normally hate farming for materials in MMOs and thought great, just invest in your crew and send them off - i'm now seeing how it can actually harm the game at the same time as being a nice commodity.

However... It can work, we do just need to see more side-material. Some more open-world events... flashpoints that are a little more tiered and interesting so that even raiders will do them in the week, as someone has said - multiplayer space PVP/missions. The game has so many options and so much potential but you get the feeling after the lay offs that they are very short on resources to really develop these key areas and turn the MMO into a real great on the market.

Raiders, non-raiders, roleplayers we need to put pressure on Bioware as a collective to release new content for all of us, it may not make a difference but at least we tried. Shooting each others interests down helps noone and the reality is that without all the different play-styles on the game - the game has nothing and becomes boring.

Finally thanks to Jakobpoop for saying thanks for the raid guides. We're glad they helped

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