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This is long but a very great idea!

This is only for max level people.

Say you are a Jedi Master. You want to take on a Padawan because you believe you are ready. Now, when you go back to Tython you could go on a mission to become a true Master and then ask someone if they are willing to be your padawan. Anyone in the game. Then, in addition to your legacy and xp bar, you could have a "wisdom" bar. You could gain experience to this "wisdom" bar by doing things together. Master and Padawan. There would be unique missions you would both have to do and your Master could help you along the way. That way, the game wouldn't get boring at level 55 as some say it does now. You would always be gaining experience through your "wisdom" bar and you and your Padawan could always be more in tune with each other. The higher the bar, the more levels your wisdom is, the higher your force could be. Perhaps even telepathically contact each other through the force for some benefit of healing across the galaxy. Like what the Exile and Kreia did. You could form force bonds

Now with the other classes, Sith could have an Apprentice and have an "Emotion" bar. That way the more emotion you and your apprentice have with each other, the more powerful you can become through the force and more techniques can open up through a force bond, just like the Jedi Master and Padawan but this would be full of fear and hatred. Again, there would be special powers through the bond and special moments. Instead of heroic moments, like the ones on Legacy, call them "Unique Moments" because that's what they are...unique to your character.

Troopers could have a "recruit" and have an "Honor" bar. You would need to go back to Ord Mantell where you first started and again just like the Jedi mission, have a mission where you need to become a "Leader" then go out and ask anyone in the game if they are willing to be your recruit. Then when you guys have enough "honor" with each other, perhaps you can both use a galaxy wide support chain within each others' ships that would give you special buffs. Perhaps when you both do a mission together, you can unlock a special equipment booster to make you are your recruit more powerful.

Bounty Hunters could have a "Mercenary" and their master title could be "Legendary Hunter" or something like that. Then you both could have a "ruthless" bar and the more you do together, the more missions you do together or you help each other, the more "ruthless" you two get. Say you both do a mission where you kill a thug that is trying to kill BOTH of you. You and your apprentice for finishing this unique mission get more power added to your class bonus, whichever it is. Be it may aim, strength, cunning, anything like that. Again getting rewards to

Imperial Agents could have a "rookie" under their wing and the bar could be called "Espionage" Again special missions and stuff could be tied to all of this and the more "espionage" you have, the more things you get within your Master Agent and rookie pair. Say you both have a mission where you have to confront a corrupt Imperial that is not fulfilling his duty to the Imperial Academy. For this, you would get special bonuses such as, more taking cover positions, or more cunning, aim, and also you could throw in that "unique moment" tied into it with Legacy.

Smuggler, when reaching cap could take someone under their wing as a "nerfhearder" or refugee or something to that nature. The bar could be named "sneaky" or something like that. And again the more you do sneaky things behind the scenes together, the more you two would share things together and be more powerful

Now, if any of you are wondering! OMG that will RUIN experiences and the community! Things won't build up! People will offer their apprenticeships for credits. NO. It could NOT be bought by credits. If both you and them agree to be Master and Padawan or Master of that class and his apprentice, then it goes by the honor system. You must both go through special trials in order to be the persons apprentice. You can't just go around to any old person and they can "buy you off" that's not how it would work at all. There would be a special "chain mission" in order to fulfill the apprenticeship. Most just randomly generated to so everyone doesn't get the SAME THING. People don't like repetativeness. You would need to do certain things. They must prove themselves to you, and you must do the same back so you both know you have a special BOND.

If somebody quit the game also, and they were your Apprentice or Master, then that special bond would be gone and you would have to start a new one. Everything would be gone. Yes. Because it was with THAT player. That would be the incentive to keep playing, to keep the unique bond. But if somebody simply stopped playing, it would all be gone and you would need to go through all that again with another willing person

Now, say an Apprentice is not living up to your expectations or what they once said they were going to do. You can exile them if you wish and they would get a title even called "exile". Not sure why somebody would put that on their character, but I'm sure there would be people. It wouldn't simply just be leaving each other after the master/apprentice bond is made, you would need to do things in order to leave the apprenticeship. Such as a mission where you can betray your Master or something and BOOM you are done with it Something like that. Remember, once a bond is made, it has to be broken. A mission, perhaps "i need a force bond broken" could be appropriate there or something. Then make the other ones appropriate for the other classes.

Also, there would be a lot more traffic on starter planets and make the game seem more alive to people just starting out. It would make it seem like there were TONS of players on the game. I think there would be very good interest in a thing like this if people saw it going on. It could happen anywhere. Not in the first 10 levels. There would be rules, such as maybe only a set number of Master/Apprentices for each Legacy and you need a Legacy at least a certain level, such as the highest it can go, to do it. THAT would be amazing then

Perhaps all of these random missions that you and your apprentice would get throughout the game would open up new conversation options for both of you on both your class AND other missions. It would give the game replay value for seeing if you unlocked any more conversation options in addition to the level 50 WANTING to keep playing the game. Perhaps you can even have special "Unique Gear" for you and your apprentice at the time to wear if you have the bond up to a certain level. You can put this vendor on the fleet and it would work just like the social points. The more you do missions together, the more your bond grows, the more powerful you two become, the more conversation options you get, the cooler "Unique Gear" you get, that would be adaptive by the way just like social gear is now.

Anyway, that was just an idea I came up with to NEVER have the level cap in this game be boring. It even goes along with the lore and you can already go in each other's ships. I think it would greatly enhance the endgame experience so a lot of people would never get bored and would encourage people to keep playing on their high characters, never quit, never stop and always get an apprentice or have that master they always wanted! It WOULD get more people to play. I guarantee that!
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