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07.21.2012 , 08:14 PM | #21
My 2 cents

There is more than enough PVE content for a game that is 8 months old, whats lacking is the number of bosses per raid. EC is well done but with only 4 bosses it would never fill the required months BW was hoping for till the next content patch update.

For those players at the cutting edge of raiding content this arguement of insufficent content will always be the same, because these players will always clear content faster than it can produced.

The only arguement I support is that NM mode EC should have been released in 1.3 but considering NM mode was truly never an option considered by BW but they are currently trying to meet players requests.

BW wanted to market a game that appealed to the masses, the "average" player. Since then we the hardcore raiders and pvpers have hijacked the game and bleeted over and over to have the game conform to what we want. I say sit back and enjoy the journey and let BW make the game they wanted to produce. If the game is to easy or not fun then go play something else,