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@OP, while I agree with the point that insults alone are only the arguments of those who have none, the L2P on the forums is often used when people demonstrate that they have not spend any time with trying to find construcive ways to deal with their problem (usually being killed by someone).
It's not a matter if you agree with me or not. It is a matter of logic. Its a fallacy, always has been, always will be.

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Nonconstructive posts like "nerf xyz, they are so op" are just tiresome and the majority of the forums warms up old "arguments" without making the effort to read what was already posted in that matter, often not even informing themselves about the class/spec they want nerfed.
This is still a judgment of their person. The point your missing is that it doesn't matter if you think they are lazy, argue with them about their point, even a simple "what is your evidence?" would be better. The logical way to deal with this would to be to call them on their lack of evidence, I have seen may decently argued posts about balance just dismissed with the 'your bad" non-argument.

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Also what evidence? Beside scripts that have parsed the server logs from BW you can seldom get evidence on the topics (example is the thread KBISP mentioned). Anecdotal evidence like "Pyros dealing 10k rs crits" etc?
If they present no evidence then you are entitled to call them on it, and dismiss their argument based on their lack of evidence. This is prefectly legitimate, however, their own experience can be evidence, it just might not be persuasive.That's something you can have an actual debate about. "l2p" "you are bad" is not it.
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You should probably also refrain from insulting people like you did in the first line. As what you said means more or less the same as what you said we shouldn't say? Just you are taking your statement into real life.
Who have I insulted? My comments were not directed at any specific person. So this claim fails. Also there are simply many people that do not have the education to know about the rules of logic. This is a fact, as this board, any many, many, more like it prove.

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You have no evidence about the people you are insulting, no claim to your stakes and a few latin words are not exactly rocket science level either
They are rules of logic, you don't like rules, I get it.

Also you just attacked my person, where I did not attack yours.

See the difference?
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