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HeroEngine was a mistake from the very start...

Some choice quotes:

"Our goal was to build a modern graphical MMO RPG that allowed our team of designers to continually add new content into the game..."
So did they accomplish this? I don't get it.

"I need this,” said Gordon. “I am about to start a special project and these tools will let us build and prototype fast and get something running in a hurry.”
So, they were always in a hurry, yet six years later they rushed a still incomplete project? :/

“It’s not productized yet,” we told Gordon. “There are whole sections of code that is only roughed in and not optimized for performance or security. And there are very few comments and very little documentation.”

He didn’t care.
Yep. Sounds like EA.

We were concerned over their making major changes to our engine, but we loved the size of the check that came with the deal.
That's HeroEngine's creators covering their butts for how awful SWTOR's engine turned out to be, imho.

In fact, part of me wonders if BioWare's initial intentions were to use HE to prototype the game, similar to the way Elder Scrolls Online did, but then transition into their own in-house engine. That would've been a much, much better course of action, but I bet someone at EA pulled the plug on that idea for monetary reasons.
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