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Is your light side Sith a Sith? Let's see.

1) Does he/she follow the Sith code?

2) Do others acknowledge him/her as a Sith?

If the answer to both is "yes," then congratulations, he/she is a Sith.

As others have said, you guys are getting far too lost in the weeds of this particular discussion. The game takes place well before the Rule of Two for the Sith and the Ruusan Reformation for the Jedi, meaning that both cults in their "modern" forms as we know them from the movies are quite different from how they functioned in this time period. TOR-era Jedi were much more militaristic or at least "fightier", had a less restrictive code - the bit where Orgus talks about Jedi being forbidden to marry is an anachronism on Bioware's part, that wouldn't come in for centuries - and the Sith are a much more vast and diverse organization.

I think it's telling that at one point in KotOR II, Carth - I think it's Carth, might have been Atton - talks about how it was called the Jedi Civil War because, for your average non-Force user, the Jedi and the Sith are basically two sides of the same coin. Catholics and Protestants, if you will.