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ON THURSDAYS, FCD is staffed by T7-01 and LORD SCOURGE.

LORD SCOURGE: It is now nap time. Fetch your mats and blankets and fall asleep, or face the consequences.
T7-01: Snacks = cookies and juice for all // snacks = after nap
BABY GUSS grabs a mud-colored mat and matching blanket, curls up in the corner, and pulls both over him.
T7-01: Mat = under Guss // that arrangement = more sanitary
BABY GUSS: I'm safer if they're both covering me. It makes me twice as hard to find. Just wake me up when the cookies get here.
BABY TEMPLE and BABY QUINN have constructed a large replica of the Citadel out of alphabet blocks, with elastic-band-bound rulers as the flying buttresses and a fork jabbed into the topmost block for the spire. The blocks spell out "SUBMIT OR DIE." Now finished, the children have curled up, reached out from under their respective Imperial-crest-stamped blankets to hold hands, and fallen asleep.
LORD SCOURGE: Ah, the innocence of youth.
T7-01: "Submit or die" = not very innocent // Imperial youth = tragically dangerous
LORD SCOURGE: I take it the children of your worlds are all sunshine and kittens?
T7-01 extends an electroprobe to point in BABY JORGAN's direction.
T7-01: kittens = yes
LORD SCOURGE facepalms.
BABY JAESA: Guuuuuuuyyyyys!
LORD SCOURGE walks over to where BABY PIERCE has BABY JAESA in a headlock and is pummeling her.
BABY PIERCE, looking up while still hitting BABY JAESA: Hi, Scourge.
LORD SCOURGE: Explain to me what you are doing.
BABY PIERCE: I'm helping Jaesa here go to sleep.
BABY JAESA: Augh! You're horrible! I hate you! People like you just make me want to...want to...
LORD SCOURGE: Do continue, Jaesa.
BABY JAESA: Rrrrrrrgh!
BABY PIERCE stops hitting her, but keeps her in a headlock.
BABY PIERCE, affably: Oh, come on, Jaesa. I know I'm horrible to you in every way, and I have been consistently awful to every family member and loved one of yours I've ever met, but I'm not an entirely bad guy. Let's be best friends.
BABY JAESA considers.
BABY JAESA: Okay, sure.
BABY PIERCE shoves BABY JAESA to the ground and ambles over to his own sleeping mat, smiling all the way.
BABY QUINN stirs and rolls over in his sleep, knocking into the base of the Citadel replica. The replica falls over, pelting BABY QUINN and BABY TEMPLE with alphabet blocks.
BABY TEMPLE starts crying loudly.
BABY QUINN: Hrm. Falling asleep six inches away from an unstable structure didn't work out so well.
BABY QUINN looks thoughtfully at the scattered blocks.
BABY QUINN: I could probably have planned this better.
LORD SCOURGE: Silence, Quinn. You would do well to obey my command and go to sleep immediately.
BABY QUINN: Yes, my lord. Then, whispering: Hsst, Temple! Quiet down and sleep or the Sith will kill us both before we ever get officers' commissions.
BABY TEMPLE hiccups, sniffles, and stills.
BABY QUINN: Well done.
BABY QUINN promptly goes back to sleep.
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