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Just for the fun, I want to kill the coruscant world boss.. I'm a level 48 scoundrel, and I can't kill him. He just hits me for about 4k twice in a row and I'm pretty much dead, despite me using my shield and dodge move.

He doesn't cast anything with a visible cast bar, I just die almost instantly. I remember a friend solo'd it at level 50, and took literally no damage, but that was a while back.. has something changed that stops high levels soloing it? If not I can't really imagine 2 levels and some epic gear would change the damage taken from 4k to 0.

can someone explain it?
Due to mechanics he cant be soloed. Try do it at level 55 when the cap is increased. me and my friend duoed him, but still no solo. So far i can only solo: Taris, Tatooine, Quesh, Alderan world bosses..... Havnt tried Nar Shadaa, im a Sent FYI
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