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OK, it's a button on the mini-map. so, I jumped in que and waited and waited and waited. I waited for like 20 Min's and nothing. I finally found some guy who stumbled on area I was in and I saved him from certain death so he helped me finish the mission I was on.

What Happened with the Que.
It's utterly useless on lower levels. In their infinite wisdom, Bioware decided that you can only queue for a very narrow range of levels, so when you're 15, you only get queued and have to wait for other people around level 15 to use it. That never happens.

Even for 50s, it's pretty useless. Every 50 that is looking for a group is on the fleet anyway. We only use it for the bonus commendations, that's all. And those are often bugged, lol. Not to mention other bugs, like wrong roles.

This tool would become much, much more usefull if a) they fixed the bugs, b) they make it cross-server (after implementing a loot rule where you can only roll on items for your class, so people don't ninja-loot) and/or c) if it allows you to queue for your alts, so you can queue with your 50 while you level your 25.
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