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To be honest and this is from someone who grew up with the originals and enjoyed the special edition versions. To me as long as the end result is Greedo fried extra crispy it really shouldnt matter who shot first. Plus with some knowlege of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and how it is done it is alot harder to redo or improve existing movie frames than it is to do it during filming. That is something people dont always take into account when complaining about a change. I mean in the end Greedo still ended up dead and all the changes they made were supposed to be done the first time they filmed the movies except for the fact that they ran out of time Lucas even said this in a interview just after the Special Edition versions of the Original Trilogy hit the theaters.
George has backpedalled, contradicted himself, and outright lied in a dozen or more interviews and commentaries over the years. When the first revisions came out, Han still shot first, but Greedo got in a reaction shot as he died. Ok, most of us could live with that. The kicker was when he made Greedo shoot first. That nullified the original story of Han evolving from cold-blooded mercenary into an actual hero with a cause to believe in. That scene set the stage for that. It showed everyone that Han was not a nice guy. Seriously, if George always planned it so Han shot after Greedo, he could have done it in the first revision. His lie that he always intended for it to be that way was obvious when taken in the context of the OT, 1st Revision OT, and 2nd Revision OT. Watch that scene in all 3, and you'll see what I mean.

It's a sad thing when an author retcons his own work.

EDIT: Especially when he does interviews while wearing a T-shirt that says "Han Shot First" on it!
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