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Try clearing HM EC in 24 hours, and farming it for the last 3 months. No kidding they need to speed it up...

If the tools are not available to produce content at a faster pace, they should have been developed. Rift does a pretty good job of churning out content, overall quality of the game notwithstanding. At least some reasoning as to why this is taking so long would work wonders at easing the level of impatience some of us are reaching. Is is a technical hurdle? Are the tools still in development?

More than likely, their team is spread thin covering other bases since so many people have been laid off.
Im thinking the same thing I mean I realize that alot of time needs to go into major content patches and thats all well and good but it would be nice to have little additions between patches. Rift does it all the time in addition to very fast patch releases. Hell I think the last major patch they released pretty much doubled the size of the map. Would it be so difficult to add new areas to old planets add weekly challenges for groups (unique quests only available for that week) or even just more little events like the rakghoul plague.

I understand that the game engine they are using has pretty severe limitations but if its really making content so difficult to develop why the hell did they use it in the first place? I mean I could be wrong here but if you want to have a successful MMO isnt it better to have a system in place that allows you to constantly push out new content?