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Species/Race: Zabrak
Name: Bonitus
Last Name: Meleu
Nickname: Darth Zyla
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Taris
Height: 5 ft 7
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair Color/Style: Black, tied back
Facial Appearance: Scarred by the Dark Side of the Force
Eye Color: Yellow
Body Appearance: Slim
Home Planet: Taris
Current Residence: Bakura
Allegiance: Empire
Profession: Lord of the Sith
Armor/Clothes: Black robed top and bottom with a hood attached, shrouded by the dark side of the force. Heavy duty belt weaved with cortosis along with cortosis weaved boots. Under the robes lies body armour made up of an alloy of cortosis and duralium, both strong and light.

Primary Weapon(s): A double-bladed lightsaber with orange colour crystals. The hilt is thought to be of Ancient Sith Origin with an ancient language carved onto it.

Secondary Weapon(s): A single purple-crystalled lightsaber with a standard hilt.

Darth Zyla was born in a war-ridden planet of Taris. As a young child she was discovered to be force sensitive and kidnapped by the invading forces, frozen in carbonite and eventually forgotten about after they left the planet. An unknown amount of time passed before someone found the young girl. Zyla was unfrozen but forced to live by herself. Killing and stealing for a living but all the while not knowing she was a strong user in the force, the dark side was growing inside her before she reached adolescence.
After being discovered by scouting parties of the Sith in hiding, Imperials attempted to take her to the Unknown Regions for training. After killing all of the Imperials attempting to take her, it took an Un-named Sith Lord to take her. Following years of training and the murders of many Republic key members, she managed to remain under the radar before running off to Bakura to where she still resides today.