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12.19.2011 , 08:04 AM | #8
Firestar is good, right up until the end where you try to retrieve the treasure stash outside. There had to have been 20 people fighting for it yesterday.

It's a bad mechanic and here's why:
1. to get the stash, you have to click 2x. once to open the box, then again to get the stash. which is great if you are by yourself, but..
2. unlike the scans earlier in the questline, each member of the group has to access the treasure by themselves, however....
3. any time someone new click on the box or the stash it resets, so when there are 20 ppl fighting for, nothing gets done.
Solution to make it simple:
1. only 1 group member needs to click it for everyone's quest to update.
2. make it only necessary to click the box (1 step instead of 2).