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07.20.2012 , 01:24 PM | #11
I'd like to see the first boss spawn 8 teams of stun locking operatives to wipe the entire raid. I'd pay to watch that on youtube.
This made me laugh out loud. God speed G.Z.

Back to the point of this thread ... I am not sure that new OPs will solve this problem. It is probably a very time consuming process to make, test and balance a new OP, not to mentioned the associated gear. Also, it is quite difficult to make the newest OP be challenging for the top raids while making it accessible to the masses. From running EC, I am pretty sure that 90+ % of the population can't beat the final boss(even if geared in BH / Rakata / columi). If they make it more accessible then the raiders will complain that it is too easy and rage quit. I suppose more difficulty levels might solve this but it is only a temporary solution.

I think the devs should look to make repeatable / recyclable content that can be run indefinitely. The best example is WZ. But I think more social activities, like Pazaak and Swoop racing, that involve NO "pew pew" would be great too. I find rinse and repeat raiding to be a snooze fest, and so do most of my friends online.