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And they just keep coming.


KHEM VAL: Children. It is time for lunch. Today we dine on grilled cheese.
BABY KALIYO: I don't like grilled cheese.
LORD SCOURGE, stepping out of the kitchen and folding his arms over his chest: You are provided with food at all only by the grace of the Sith. Be grateful.
BABY JORGAN: Mister Teeseven says Forced Companions is neutral territory.
LORD SCOURGE: I don't see Mister Teeseven here. Everything you have, you gain from my hand, and everything you have, I can take away.
KHEM VAL: Listen to the Sith. If I had my way you would fight to the death for a single sandwich, as in the cafeterias of Yn and Chabosh.
LORD SCOURGE: We're not that hard up for white bread, Khem.
KHEM VAL: I can dream.
BABY JORGAN: I don't suppose there's any red meat involved in the making of these grilled cheese sandwiches?
LORD SCOURGE: I enjoyed some juicy, succulent steak while making it, if that counts. There's none left for you.
BABY JORGAN, whiskers quivering: Your kind needs to be wiped off the face of this galaxy.
LORD SCOURGE: Enjoy your hatred, little tiger. I sure do.
YOUNG BOWDAAR brings out a big tray and starts laying out sandwiches on the playroom tables.
BABY GUSS, hiding under the corner table as he does on every day KHEM VAL is present: Hey, Jorgan. Could you bring me my sandwich? I would reach up to the table, but Khem Val might see me.
BABY JORGAN: Oh, grow a pair, Guss.
BABY GUSS: I have no idea what that means. Oh, hey, Bowdaar! You're sometimes not mean! Can you bring me my sandwich?
YOUNG BOWDAAR: I will do this, since I AM A SLAVE.
BABY KALIYO sticks out a toy hockey stick and trips YOUNG BOWDAAR on his way by. She scampers over to intercept the sandwich he had been carrying.
BABY KALIYO: Gee, this poor sandwich is wandering out all by itself! I better give it a good home.
BABY KALIYO makes eye contact with BABY GUSS and devours the sandwich.
BABY JORGAN: I thought you didn't like grilled cheese.
BABY KALIYO: I dunno, it actually tastes pretty good when it's smothered in spite.
LORD SCOURGE: Well said, Kaliyo, and well done. Would you like a helping of delicious steak? I have some left over. LORD SCOURGE gestures to the kitchen. Help yourself.
LORD SCOURGE covers the distance to BABY JORGAN in two steps. He kneels and puts his face close to the Cathar's.
LORD SCOURGE, snarling: What are the rules about death threats, Jorgan?
BABY JORGAN: Hmph. Only the daycare staff can make them, sir.
LORD SCOURGE: That's right. Apologize.
BABY JORGAN: I'm sorry I want to kill you so much, sir. Also...BABY JORGAN's whiskers twitch...there's still red meat on your breath.
LORD SCOURGE: I am aware.
LORD SCOURGE reaches out to grab a sandwich from the nearest table. He presents it to BABY JORGAN and smiles.
LORD SCOURGE: Grilled cheese?
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