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Since my "Iron Fisty" character was molested by the nerf bat, I just gave tactics a try 8/31/2, i think it was max damage one listed on the first page. First impressions were tough, man I missed being able to jump around like tree frog. After that initial shock, I had noticed that I was actually able to damage opponents in a meaningful way again. Still experimenting with the build, and there are many options to explore and get used to for sure. Currently i have combat tech war hero armor set. I am still using Battlemaster supercommander rifle and shield as well as BM implants and earpiece. Still got some work to do to get everything war hero. Are any of you that have used this build still using the supercommando shield as the offhand, or are you going combat tech generator? That is the next piece I am going to get so opinions or experiences or observations regarding offhand shield or generator would be appreciated.
Go straight Combat Tech gear. I actually went with 2 piece Combat Medic as it's better for pure survival.
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