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You think that your plan is better or you feel that you is more experienced than he is. But he is the Ops this time. Will you follow his plan if you don't agree with it? Or you will argue or even violate his orders?

To illustrate my question let's imagine you are a stealther and say something like "everyone attack right door and I'll ninja cap left". But ops says "no, we ALL should focus attack right". What will you do? Join everyone, like ops said or will try your plan anyway?

Personally I'll follow ops orders even if I think that it's stupid.
I'm with ya. If I do disagree, I'd speak up and explain why I feel my way is better, but I feel it's better to have the whole team on the same page, even with a questionable strategy, than to have people doing whatever THEY feel is best. Working with a common goal, as a team, is better than working as individuals any day.

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I don't follow any orders from someone less intelligent or experienced than myself.
So you pretty much do as your told huh?
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