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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to log my opinion on the forums regarding the state of current end-game PVE content. To put it simply, there is simply not enough endgame PVE at the moment.

1.2 was out in April and the reality is most people were able to enter story mode at that point and at least start progress in there, within 2 or 3 weeks the top guilds had taken a serious chunk out of the hard mode version. Honestly, I think that the content difficulty was of a good level, so good job there. The problem is, there needed to be more content or more bosses.

I believe (and I may be wrong) that most guilds now will be 3/4 EC Hard Mode and guilds who haven't got them on farm probably only haven't due to the recent lag issues everyone faced and the re-spawn of adds after wipes. There are also a good percentage of guilds that have EC Hard Mode fully cleared and on farm and have been in that position for 1 month.

What's the result of all this? Honestly I think a lot of players will be un-subbing within the next 4 weeks. I personally have had a few players quit our raid teams from being either tired of the recurrent bugs & lag or simply from being bored of the content. The hard mode version of EC really isn't that different to story mode, definitely not enough to keep people interested.

If you want a successful MMO with constant subscribers - you have to cater for everyone playing the game. A lot of people like myself play MMOs purely for raiding - if there is no new content you lose those players pretty quickly. EC Nightmare should have been released in 1.3 and you need a brand new operation within the next 3 or 4 weeks based on that. As there was no nightmare released in 1.3 - you need a new operation now. People are getting very, very bored of mindlessly clearing trash in EC.

I hate to bash SWTOR but i'm now tired of having to replace players or persuade players to stay in the game on a weekly basis and when you have to justify why they should stay, you suddenly realise you can't justify the sub cost for a raid player.

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