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CHRONICLES PRESENT, 18: In which the Wrath deliberates killing an old friend (II/II)

Time period: After Andronikos Revel comes aboard the Helicarrier

“So you actually got yourself reconstituted after that mess on Corellia. That’s impressive. But I’m not going to invite you to babble about it,” said Nalenne.

Draahg scowled, his cyborg eyes going a dark shade of red.

“And you hooked up with this loser?” Nalenne asked Niselle.

Niselle smiled. “Two out of the three Sith Lords who have attacked you and survived are currently in this room, dear. And that Scourge fellow is hopelessly unattractive anyway. So it seemed reasonable for us two here to hook up.”

“So you can fail together? That’s sweet.”

“So will you try to kill him?” purred Niselle. “Think it’ll work this time?”

“I should take him up to the ship and throw him into the hyperdrive, is what I should do.”

Andronikos winced. “That’s bad for the engines.”

“If it’s bad for Draahg, too, I’ll take it.”

Draahg laughed. “I cannot be kill-“

“Shut up.” Nalenne hit him.

“That was a prime opportunity to gloat, Wrath,” he muttered. “Give me the chance.”

“No,” said Pierce, Quinn, Nalenne, and Niselle.

“Let him go,” said Niselle. “He’s the best toy I’ve had since And – well, since well before Andronikos.”

“Ooh, yeah, the jealousy play works every time, Nis,” yawned Andronikos. “You want me back, just say so. I’ll say no, but if you’re going to ask, ask.”

“Please,” sniffed Niselle. “I’ve got a combat-effective pet now.”

“Um. He just lost in combat. That’s why he’s on his knees with three blasters and two lightsabers trained on him?”

“Oh, do shut up, Nicky.”

Nalenne scowled down at Draahg. “Until I work out a way to reduce you to your constituent atoms, I’m not inclined to keep you around listening to you try to act smug. Leave, then. Jaesa, remind me to look up the guy who fixed him up, torture him ‘til I have full technical information on the cybernetics. Nis – a vibrate setting? Really?”

She hit Draahg before he could open his mouth.

“Oh yes,” said Niselle.

“If I let him go, will you promise never to tell me any such detail again?”

“No promises. But I’ll consider it.”

Nalenne cautiously allowed Draahg to stand up again. He loomed over her, big and powerful and socially clueless as the day they’d met.

Draahg jerked his head toward Quinn. “It’s a shame you were too wrapped up in that one to give me a cha-“

“Run, or I will find a way to vaporize you here and now.”

He ran.

Quinn spared him only a moment’s look before staring at Nalenne. “And once again you fail to kill a would-be assassin.”

“Shut up, Quinn. Nis, do you have any other tricks, or will you come out, alongside us so you can’t scamper on ahead and collapse the mine?

“You are no sport at all,” said Niselle.

“Sorry, hon, I’ve done Draahg before. I know his tricks.”

“Fine. Come along.”

“And now we’re going to let her walk free as well,” said Quinn.

“So?” said Nalenne.

“I tire of your games, my lord.”

“He’s just jealous somebody else got off the fatal hook,” said Vette.

“I shall await you at the ship until you’re ready to actually accomplish something,” said Quinn coldly, and set off at speed.

“Wow,” said Andronikos as the party got moving at a slower pace. “He loves his entrances, but I never thought I’d see him making a dramatic exit.”

“He had a really memorable one once,” said Nalenne. “Kicking, choking, bleeding in places, the whole nine yards.”

Andronikos chuckled. “Wish I coulda been there to see it.”

“Don’t we all,” said Vette.

“I think he’s really upset, master,” said Jaesa.

“Let him be. So somebody else pulled a return-from-the-dead after losing to me. And the somebody else happens to be taller, stronger, handsomer, richer, way better in combat, and Sith, to boot. And that voice!”

“He’s also mostly made of metal and kind of a moron,” said Vette.

Nalenne waved a hand. “Details. Quinn never seems to see that. Instead he gets all sensitive. I think he’s still sore over how Draahg and I met. He always said it was fine, but…he does get jealous.”

“You did jealousy-worthy things when you met Draahg?” said Andronikos.

“Ohhh, yes. All over the Citadel.”

Vette rolled her eyes. “Here we go.”

“Overwhelming force plus strategic victory. See, this was the first time I was asked to bump off a member of the Dark Council,” started Nalenne.

“Showoff,” muttered Niselle.

“Back when Draahg had an actual organic body and relevance and other things you never got your paws on, Nis, let me tell you…”
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