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CHRONICLES PRESENT, 17: In which an old friend makes trouble for the team (I/II)

Time period: After Andronikos Revel comes aboard the Helicarrier

A Republic mining facility on Ilum. It had been rebuilt and reinforced after each of Pierce’s last two visits to the neighborhood. Nalenne’s crew had split up to sabotage multiple objectives before meeting up at a central control room to start blowing the works.

Andronikos, Vette, and Pierce met Broonmark and Quinn on the way back from their respective targets. Together they approached the heavy durasteel door to the big controls room.

The team stopped dead when they heard the shrill feminine shriek from inside the chamber.

A second female voice added a long “Aaah” a moment later.

There was some thumping around, and a long dual moan.

Vette snickered. “I knew it,” she stage-whispered.

“Of all the places to go at it,” said Pierce, frowning suspiciously.

“I’m sure there’s an explanation,” said Quinn, but Vette and Pierce grabbed his arms before he could reach the door.

There was a long, rising, heavily punctuated feminine yell, a few grunts…and then bright masculine laughter.

“What the hell?” said Vette.

“Wow,” said Pierce, grinning down at Quinn. “She invited a guy who isn’t you.”

“I wouldn’t have accepted with Jaesa in the mix anyway.”

“I would,” said Andronikos. “Nis never allowed two girls.”

A pair of very loud crashes.

“One way or the other, I’m joining in.” Andronikos readied his blasters, slammed the door open, and charged.

A tall cyborg stood in the center of the control room, reaching out, laughing as he suspended Jaesa in the air in a brutal Force choke. Before Andronikos could get two shots off, Nalenne slammed into the cyborg from behind, knocking him off balance and very nearly severing his hand with her saber.

An arc of Force lightning from the corner briefly stunned both melee fighters.

“Andronikos?” said Niselle from the corner, letting her hand fall.

“Uh, Nalenne?” said Andronikos.

“Jaesa,” said Nalenne, hurrying to make sure the collapsed Jedi was okay.

“Lord Draahg,” said Pierce, strolling in with his rifle at the ready.

“Yes,” sneered the cyborg. “I – “

Pierce’s first shot hit him square in his metallic jaw.

“Good show,” said Nalenne. “You boys, nail my sister. Jaesa, Vette, with me on the big guy.”

Draahg fought hard with lightsaber and a respectable level of Force power. Not as good as Nalenne, but respectable. Niselle did her usual lightning-shielding nonsense. But the two were badly outnumbered. It wasn’t long before Nalenne forced the cyborg who called himself Draahg to his knees.

“Hold,” called Nalenne.

Pierce turned to train his rifle on Draahg. “Permission to melt his face, milord?”

“Denied. I want to chat first.”

Draahg smirked. “I knew you couldn’t resis-“

Nalenne whipped him hard with the pommel of her saber. “I chat. You listen.”

“I was going to gloat.”

“You don’t get to.”

“Got ‘er down,” yelled Andronikos from his side of the room.

“Only because I won’t lower myself to kill you,” yelled Niselle as she glared up at Andronikos.

“Nis. Sweetie. You drop in out of nowhere with this bucket of bolts and start zapping. Explain.” Nalenne pointed at Lord Draahg.

“I picked him up on Dromund Kaas. Isn’t he pretty?”

“He was prettier when he had all his body parts. Is this really Lord Draahg?”

“Yes,” said Lord Draahg. “You see, after you – “

“Shut up,” said Nalenne, and hit him. “I worked with him once, sure. Killed him once. Killed him again after he got all cyborg-ified.”

“And yet you let him go. Your loss, my fun.”

“You are not using that tone of voice, Nis.”

“Oh, I really am.”

“But…but after…how did you even…he didn’t have any organic parts left after my last fight with him!”

“Not necessary. Ever considered the possibilities of a built-in vibrate setting?”


Quinn spoke into the awkward silence. “My lord. You didn’t kill him?”

“I did! Twice! You were there for one of them!”

“I was unconscious at the time. I didn’t see him die, as such.”

“I tore him to pieces the second time. And threw every piece into a fire!” Nalenne glared down at Draahg.

“Is that my cue to gloat?” said Draahg.

“No,” said Nalenne.

“It would seem that was insufficient,” said Quinn. “Have you ever successfully destroyed a major threat to your life?”

Pierce answered. “Since you weren’t a major threat, and Baras, Nomen Karr, and a few dozen other actually significant players were, I would say yes, she has. I saw Draahg die both times. Maybe I shoulda taken the headshot that first time, but in any case, I can safely state that she did all right.”

“Are you going to give me time to gloat here?” said Draahg.

“No,” said Pierce, Quinn, and Nalenne.
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