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On WEDNESDAYS, FCD is staffed by T7-01 and SCORPIO.

BABY JAESA is, as usual, paralyzed by indecision.
BABY JAESA: Doc, you gotta help me. Thereís a toy car, and thereís a toy boat. And I donít know what to play with.
BABY DOC: You could come play with me. We could smooch.
BABY JAESA: That doesnít sound very appealing at all. Come on, Iíve gotta choose something. If I choose wrong, thereís no going back.
BABY DOC: Smooches first.
BABY JAESA: Iím not sure thatís a good idea.
BABY DOC: Youíre not sure anything is a good idea, beautiful. Itís part of what makes you so cute. Smooches?
T7-01: Baby Doc = acting out // SCORPIO = give him a talking-to about inappropriate urges?
SCORPIO: Are you certain you want me to pursue this course of action?
T7-01: T7 = bad at talking-tos // Baby Doc = always commences dance party using T7's beeping as techno beats
SCORPIO: Very well.
BABY JAESA whimpers and flees at SCORPIOís approach. SCORPIO shoots a small electrodart that freezes BABY DOC in place. BABY DOC stares up at her in mute terror.
SCORPIO: Doc. It is only through challenging oneís limits that one realizes oneís potential. Transgressive behavior is an effective way to quickly determine the limits of what one can and cannot get away with, and boldly acting on oneís ďinappropriate urgesĒ on a few occasions may do more to characterize your environment and local statutes than a lifetime of playing it by the rules. Just retain the presence of mind to observe your associatesí reactions; you can learn a great deal from their outrage.
T7-01: SCORPIO = crazy??? // T7 = asked SCORPIO to give Doc a talking-to
SCORPIO: I did so. You did not specify that the talking-to had to advocate prosocial behavior.
The electrodart stun wears off. BABY DOC shudders.
BABY DOC: Did you just give me permission to make trouble, Miss SCORPIO?
T7-01: Answer = NO
BABY DOC: Lil' Docís gonna interpret that in the most favorable possible way.
BABY DOC sprints for the kitchen, vaults over the locked half-door, and starts tugging small kitchen appliances free to stack them so as to reach the cookie jar.
T7-01: SCORPIO = ruined us all
SCORPIO: A social order that cannot withstand a single disruptive element is a social order ripe for change.
BABIES TANNO VIK, RISHA, KALIYO, and ANDRONIKOS, having noticed BABY DOCís activity, stampede to the kitchen to assist in the liberation of the cookies.
T7-01: That = more than a single disruptive element
SCORPIO: I only subverted the one. Fascinating.
T7-01: T7 = not physically equipped to subdue a mob of small children
SCORPIO: I am. But I choose not to.
T7-01 rolls over to where BABY JAESA is staring at her toy choices, looking anguished.
T7-01: T7 = recommends boat // boats = awesome
BABY JAESA, gratefully: Thanks!
T7-01: T7 = glad to still have authority somewhere
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