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Great list of suggestions, more focused on mini-games/entertainment rather than end-game content - which is great.

At the moment the main flow of people are just hitting 50 then doing PvP/PvE to get their desired gear sets, and apart from that there isn't much else to do. I think most of your suggestions would make it pretty fun for people that don't want to get end-game gear or people that already have it. Would be better than idling in fleet all the time lol.

Well, i think that swoop racing would be a new form of endgame content allowing us to compete just like you would in lets say,, a rated warzone, we could upgrade, be better than everyone else, get on teams possibly and simply have fun.

Swtor reallys needs some of this stuff.. Its hard to say because of how much hatred i have about it.. but Swtor is just like WoW now.. people sitting around waiting for their ques doing nothing else...
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