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07.19.2012 , 11:54 AM | #6
This has to be a bug...or even if it is happening as it was originally intended it needs to be addressed again. The real issue here is the depopulating of isntances where you are forced into other instances because of fluctuating populations in the instances throughout an evening as you are raiding. As one instance gets lower and lower on population it will at some defined or undefined point force you out of it and into a different one...This can make people still dead in the raid not be able to be seen or revived(aka Rez'd) it can also make players who leave the instance because they died or to repair or anything else sometimes not be able to get back in and they get a server admin error popping up that the only way around currently is to have everyone leave that raid and then come back into a new one, wich also resets all the trash.

This really cant be how it is suppose to work Im thinking...but Ive yet to hear anything from the Devs addressing it as a problem and or state they are working on a solution