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CHRONICLES PRESENT, 16: In which Quinn is nice, for Quinn

Healthy relationships: We sure don't have them!

Time period: After Andronikos Revel comes aboard the Helicarrier

Nalenne hadn’t taken her mandoviol out for practice since Quinn had moved back into her quarters. The last thing she wanted was Captain Practical condemning her again for enjoying frivolous things.

She touched the strings and waited to let them tune themselves, then started in on her favorite Sith folk song, about the increasingly violent retribution of a Sith who encountered a mouthy villager. As more villagers complained about the previous verse’s murders, the Sith killed and burned more and more of the village, and eventually just extinguished all life on the planet.

Villagers were, in Sith folklore, pretty dumb.

When the door to her quarters opened she was too slow in hiding the instrument behind her. Quinn stepped in and gave her a funny look.

“You were playing?”

“No. Yes. Um, no.” She tucked it the rest of the way behind her back.

“There’s no need to hide it. Unless there is some compellingly good one that even I can’t guess.”

“I just didn’t want you yelling at me for it. You do that with the fun not-killing-our-enemies things I try to do.”

He settled next to her on the edge of the bed. “I won’t.”

“You won’t?”

“Well, it’s infinitely more productive than reading comic books.”

“Ah, thank you. I was afraid you were about to be supportive about one of my hobbies or something.”

He leaned over and kissed her. “I am given to understand that some people perform their work better when given time to devote to leisure activities. I’ll never understand it myself, but it plainly works in your case.”

“Why are you being so…oh, wait. This is about that space op out by Sullust, isn’t it.”

“My lord?” said Quinn innocently.

“That fleet action you wanted to hook up with three days from now, with us probably having to pull a boarding action on that wacky shielded whatsit of theirs? The one where I pointed out that I hate space combat, I hate being bundled into boarding pods, and I would rather not be stuck on another enemy ship that you’re ordering full-rate cannonades on? (*) You’re being nice to me so I’ll reconsider that enormous NO I gave you.”

He smiled slightly. “If you keep this up I may have to actually try to be subtle with you. I do love it when you work these things out. It reminds me why I married you in the first place.”

“…So you’ll have somebody around at all times to feel smarter than?”

His smile slipped. “I’ll definitely have to start trying to be subtle with you. Ah, getting back to the fleet action, is my previous niceness going to change your mind? It is an extremely difficult target of profound importance, my lord. And it would mean a great deal to me.”

“I don’t know. Maybe my will has weakened slightly, but you’re still going to have to convince me.” She edged closer and raked her fingers through his hair.

Quinn frowned. “That line of argument has been tried, and has failed to convince you, multiple times this week.”

“So? It can’t hurt to try again.”

“I have numerous bite marks that say otherwise.”

“Hey. You want your bad*** Wrath rampage for your big tough battle or not?” She grabbed his uniform jacket.

“Stop.” His tone of voice arrested her before she could pull him down to the bed. He reached over, pulled the mandoviol from where she had been about to crush it, and set it carefully back in its case on the floor. “There.”

“…thank you. You really do care.”

“I told you. Far preferable to comic books.”

“Oh, very nice. That attitude will convince me to do something incredibly un-fun for your sake.”

“You’re going to withhold approval on that operation just so you can enjoy another three days of making me do whatever and act however you want in a doomed attempt to change your mind. Aren’t you, my lord.”

“I love it when you work these things out. It reminds me why I married you in the first place.”
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