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Hello guys:
I got 2 questions and i would love to be helped out.
1) In your guide i understood that you only use the set bonus of two pieces?
2) Is it worth using black hole mk-1 implants over the rakata's one and to loose crit/surge and consequently use enhancements to recover it? Or is it better to use rakata, and use the enhancements for other stats such as power and alacrity? I haven't done the maths thou...which of this two possibilities is the best one?

Thanks for your help
I suggest grabbing both of the 2 piece set bonuses over just grabbing one 4 piece set bonus. I explain in the spoiler why I only suggest grabbing the 2 piece set bonus for both the Campaign and War Hero set. They both have to do with one of your biggest heals, Kolto Cloud. The 4 piece set bonuses aren't as useful.

The black hole implants have more cunning than the rakata pieces and that is why I suggest to take them over rakata. Yes, I think it's a good idea to recover the lost stats with enhancements.
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