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You have to keep in mind that some players are just bad. Maybe the tank was wearing dps gear or maybe the healer was spamming the wrong heals at the wrong time. I personally think all the flashpoints are balanced pretty well. I though Hammer Station was a little to easy. But also I run with a guild group every time so of course i will find them more enjoyable then a random.
I have no idea how you have any basis to say stuff like this for a level 19-21 instance. I was the tank, and there is almost no tank gear I can equip. The healer is a friend who I have been duoing all content with thus far.

The biggest problem seemed to not be the AoE damage, but the people being brought down by about 1000 life to the personal DoT on themselves, causing a need for massive massive heals. The healer was not using any DPS abilities, and the healer is Seer (healer) spec.

I mean maybe the two Sentinels we brought weren't performing appropriate DPS to push him down far enough before the fight dragged on too long but I don't know, because there are no DPS meters. Also, a combat log would have cleared up most of my confusion.