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On THURSDAYS, FCD is staffed by T7-01 and LORD SCOURGE.

T7-01: Children = fell over a lot yesterday while T7 was out // T7 = glad T7 bought lots of kolto packs
LORD SCOURGE: I suspect that if you had spent the entire day overseeing the children, there would not have been such a need for kolto packs.
T7-01: Lord Scourge = mistaken // SCORPIO = very conscientious
LORD SCOURGE: It is not her conscientiousness I question. She takes exhaustive notes and is very methodical. It is simply the benefit to the children I am skeptical of.
BABY ELARA: Teeseven! Teeseven!
BABY ELARA points to where BABY SKADGE is jumping on BABY VETTE.
BABY SKADGE: Kill! Kill! Kill!
BABY ELARA: Shouldn’t we arrest him or something?
T7-01: Arrest = no-no // this galaxy = no meaningful consequences for bad companion behavior
BABY KALIYO, toddling by: That is a truly interesting statement.
T7-01: Skadge = play nice // or Skadge = gets hose again
LORD SCOURGE: I will never understand how SCORPIO talked you into that disciplinary measure, but I love that she did.
BABY SKADGE: Someday I’m’a stomp your lekku, little alien.
T7-01: Skadge = already did stomp her lekku // Skadge = terrible person
BABY SKADGE lumbers sulkily off.
BABY DOC: Somebody’s hurt! Wait, I’m there!
BABY DOC sprints in waving a medpac the size of his head.
BABY DOC: You’re gonna be okay, beautiful.
BABY VETTE: Um? You’re kinda creepy.
BABY DOC: I once saved a whole planet of cute little Twi’leks from big mean Houks.
LORD SCOURGE: That is an outright lie.
BABY DOC: Just play along, would you?
BABY DOC: It’s all right, babe. I got this.
BABY DOC finishes applying kolto to BABY VETTE’s bruises, then sweeps BABY VETTE up and sloppily kisses her cheek.
BABY DOC, alarmed, drops BABY VETTE back on the floor.
T7-01: Baby Doc = acting out // Lord Scourge = give him a talking-to about inappropriate urges?
LORD SCOURGE: I am Sith. I never met an inappropriate urge I didn't like.
T7-01: T7 = bad at talking-tos // Baby Doc = always commences dance party using T7's beeping as techno beats
LORD SCOURGE: I cannot be bothered with this. You, Bowdaar. Clean this up.
YOUNG BOWDAAR, helping BABY VETTE off the floor: I AM A SLAVE.
YOUNG BOWDAAR, offering her a medpac and a lollipop: I AM A SLAVE.
BABY VETTE: I do keep hearing that. How are you liking it as a career path?
YOUNG BOWDAAR, struggling to articulate: …I do not like that I AM A SLAVE.
BABY VETTE: Huh, okay. Just figured I would keep my options open.
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