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07.18.2012 , 04:48 PM | #7
I for one appreciate the OPs post.

While we all know not to use AoEs under the shield, the case with crushing blow isn't that simple. Let's look at crushing blow:

Crushing blow is NOT an AoE if the target does not already have 5 sunders.
Crushing blow is a *smart AoE* if the target has 5 sunders.
While I agree that the shield generator shouldn't count as an incapacitated target, the fact is that it is hard to predict whether it will be an AoE or not, unless you keep a constant watch on the number of sunders.

And most people that are used to using crushing blow under the shield prior to 1.3, won't be expecting it to now damage the shield generator post 1.3.

Anyway, the best practical solution is to not spec 31-immortal at all for tanking... but that is a different discussion.