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Spent about 4 hours last night on flashpoints, and another 5 today on Heroics.

Specifically, Hammer, Athiss, and Balmorra's Okara Droid Factory heroics.

Specifically, more wipes than there should be, levels over the quest level overall in group, and hours upon hours of seemingly working the rock pile in prison, just pounding OP mobs that stand there like rocks and take hit after hit after hit after hit... like hitting rocks all day.

This is nothing new from the roller coaster of mob difficulty adjustments in testing, and was supposed to have been remedied. We're now in the Live production, and we're still dealing with content that requires pounding on hallway trash that stands there for 15 minutes taking a beating, and we're supposed to be heros. 4 players vs a hallway mob or two or three.

This is not heroic gameplay, its mind-numbing grind.

Boooooo, Bioware. Boooooo. I'll never get those two days back, trying to shake off overt feelings of bad gaming...
Sorry Verdan, but from experience with the content you are having difficulty with, I can honestly say that while I have found a few issues with the difficulty progression within some of the instances (going from clearing groups without thinking to apparent difficulty with a single mob, just by turning a corner), I have found very few problems with the difficulty of the instances. If anything, I would like to see the difficulty increased slightly for the harder mobs, and substantially for the "trash mobs" between the bosses.
Caveat: I am not a power-leveling DPS/Threat-meter hard-core raider, I just want to have a sense of accomplishment at beating a particular instance.

I am not going to run the "L2P" line, because frankly that is not conducive to a discussion or debate about the instance difficulty. Without going through an autopsy of your instances by reviewing a fraps movie of it, I am hesitant to make any specific suggestions about what my groups are doing that yours are not, but my teams generally have specific ability rotations that build on each others' strengths, rather than each member mindlessly button bashing without regard to what other group members are doing. So when we take on a specific boss mob, we have a plan - we know our strengths and the mob's weaknesses and how we can use one to exploit the other. I am not saying they go down after 3 volleys, but they do go down more quickly than you seem to be suggesting.
I am telling the truth, honestly! I am as honest as the day is long! Besides, I am a terrible liar, everyone can see when I am lying - my lips are moving.
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