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Companions. Why do these hopelessly clashing people come back, day after day, to the same daycare center? And how did some of them even get here? We donít know, but maybe if we watch carefully we can begin to understandÖ

(Edit: You know what's awesome about baby companions? Drawing chibi everybody. Check out reader art over yonder! A special thank you to kabeone for the many wonderful illustrations along the way!)

KHEM VAL, tending to BABY RAINA TEMPLE: Iíve not changed such a diaper since the nurseries of Yn and Chabosh.
BABY XALEK: Bah, this weak one is not worth the trouble. Let us crush her.
KHEM VAL: No crushing the other children, even the weak ones. I will devour you as I devoured the enemies of Tulak Hord if you break the rules.
BABY XALEK: Rules are made to be crushed.
KHEM VAL: Devouring.
BABY XALEK: Fine, then.
BABY QUINN, glaring at BABY JORGAN: I donít like you. Iím not really sure why, but Iím quite certain I can come up with a compelling reason for why you need to be smacked down. UmmÖletís thinkÖah, yes! Republic scum! *commences pummeling BABY JORGAN*
BABY JORGAN: Has anybody ever told you what a jerk you are? *bites BABY QUINN with pointy Cathar teeth*
BABY QUINN, bleeding on the floor: ÖI could probably have planned this better.
BABY JORGAN smirks and goes to play with M1-4X in the corner.
BABY PIERCE, perking up: Hey, guys! Somebodyís down! Time for Kicking Somebody While Heís Down!
BABIES ANDRONIKOS, PIERCE, KALIYO, and SKADGE, gathering around the fallen BABY QUINN: Yaaaay!
BABY BROONMARK, elbowing in to assist with the kicking: Blllorp!
BABY QUINN, still bleeding: Hey! Ow!
LORD SCOURGE, who subs in for T7-01 on Tuesdays, hurries over to see what the hubbub is about.
BABY QUINN: This is not acceptable!
LORD SCOURGE, crossing his arms and overseeing the beating: Oh, it really is.
BABY QUINN: Ow! Youíre the worst caretaker ever.
LORD SCOURGE: I see youíve never met the Emperor.
BABY KIRA bursts into tears for no evident reason.
BABY XALEK: Ah, Kira. I see the Dark Side is strong in you.
BABY KIRA: *sniffle* Nuh-uh.
BABY KIRA: Is not.
BABY KIRA: I am a good Jedi! I am in control of my emotions! *punches BABY XALEK*
BABY XALEK: Good, good. Trust your feelings, Kira. You are Sith. The Jedi are weak and will only fail you.
BABY ASHARA: Xalekís a doo-doo head. Jedi are better and prettier.
BABY KIRA: Youíre all weird! Leave me alone!
BABY GUSS TUNO: Hey, hey, can I be a Jedi?
BABY XALEK, eyeing BABY GUSS TUNO: Ha. I will crush this weak one.
LORD SCOURGE: No crushing the other children, even the weak ones. Your Sith Code says you canít have victory until you have strength, and compared to me, you donít have strength.
BABY XALEK: Fine, then.
YOUNG BOWDAAR, coming through to wash the windows: I AM A SLAVE.

ÖThen again, maybe not.
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