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World "bi" ? What game did you get ? I want a copy of it.

In DA2, only Isabela was bi. The others were not.
Respectfully, I disagree. I'd have agreed if you'd said that only Isabela was really, really open about it. Anders comes in second on that score (as long as you don't count Zevran). As for the others, we don't know if they were 'Hawkesexual' or just not as blatant about their tastes as Isabela was.

Quote: Originally Posted by wainot-keel View Post
They were "hawkesexual", like some say . Sebastian, not even. Aveline was unrequited love for two of Hawkies
Every playthrough, every game is a different and seperate reality. To say Fenris was "bi", you need metagame knowledge. You need to read the forums, watch YT vids or you make another playthrough (another reality) with a male character and pursuit his romance.

I hope they keep this approach for DA3
In addition to this, here's a pet peeve of mine:

What if same sex relationships just aren't that big a deal in Thedas? People are so damn intent on applying the rules from our experiences in our parts of our world to a place that doesn't even exist. But the simple matter may be that the generalised stance on same sex relationships found in, say, America or England or Australia or Bangladesh or whatever just might not apply in these worlds.

Personally I find it a bit nonsensical for people to say that the situation of sexuality in Thedas or Star Wars is being portrayed as 'unrealistic' and then go off and fight a dragon or wave around giant glowing sticks of plasma.

On the note of Thedas, there's a page on the Dragon Age Wiki about sexuality and marriage that covers this point. Now, I don't know the official word on the matter, I don't know how verified, true and correct those details are, but if they are accurate then same sex relationships in Thedas aren't seen as being immoral, weird or freaky. Odd in some places, sure, but it's far less acceptable to start bonking someone of a different race than someone with the same genitals.

And if that's the case, if in Ferelden (in the case of DAO) and the Free Marches (for DA2) the writers have decided that same sex relationships aren't weird, and can be at least mostly normal, then it's not unrealistic and it doesn't break immersion. End of story. It is immersion. 'I don't like it' doesn't mean the same thing as 'this breaks immersion'. It would be unrealistic to have anything but the system they provided in DA2 if that is the case.

This thread isn't about Thedas, of course, but about Star Wars. Nonetheless I claim the same situation proves true. Sexuality and the attitudes thereof have never been explicitly stated to be one way or another by George Lucas. Even if they had SWTOR is game-canon, not movie-canon. In the novel-canon we've already seen at least one instance of an outright gay couple. In some of the previous Star Wars games there's been same sex content at the very least heavily implied.

It annoys me when people use the word 'unrealistic' to mean 'distasteful to me' because as far as I can tell that is in fact what it comes down to when you're referring to a fictional world. People in this very thread have stated that LGBT content could only be realistic if it's to the same proportions as LGBT people in our world. Why? I find that illogical. There's a far higher percentage of Rodians in Star Wars than in our world.

It's up to the writers to decide what's 'realistic' for their setting, and up to the players to decide if that's their cup of tea. Not the other way around.
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